Tramp Stamps "Sex With Me"

Badass Female Trio Tramp Stamps Release Their Debut Single “Sex With Me”

Badass Nashville-based pop-punk trio, Tramp Stamps, are making their mark with the release of their debut single titled “Sex With Me.” The track is a bold statement right out of the gate, expressing frustration with toxic masculinity and being treated poorly by male sexual partners. The trio consists of vocalist Marisa Maino, guitarist Caroline Baker and drummer Paige Blue. They’ve become popular from their viral covers on Tik Tok, including an acapella punk adjacent cover of Taylor Swift’s “Betty.”

“Sex With Me” is the perfect introduction to the ladies of Tramp Stamps’s confident, silly, yet strong personalities. The track starts with a classic pop-punk guitar riff before Maino’s striking vocals come in. She sets the scene, describing her sexual relationship with a person she’s been disrespected by. When the pre-chorus begins, the melody slows down a bit to fully embrace the ferocity of the chorus. Maino’s passionate vocal performance matches the energy of the lyrical content perfectly, a harmonious blend of anger and dignity.


The track is extremely straightforward and relatable to everyone out there who has felt gaslit in a relationship. Maino sings lyrics like, “You say that I’m really fucking needy // Then you say how much you fucking need me,” highlighting the contrast of this person’s attitude in the bedroom versus in front of their friends. It’s a classic case of hypermasculinity and insecurity, making the boy they’re singing about feel the need to downplay his emotions. The bridge is a powerful moment in the song, with a classic pop-punk slow down and the blunt lyric, “Maybe if I told them that you cry in bed // You’d have little respect.”

With unapologetic descriptions of sex, cheeky confidence and a fierce sound, “Sex With Me” is an adventurous debut single. What makes this so exciting is that they’re normalizing it right out of the gate and not beating around the bush. The ladies of Tramp Stamps have fun with female empowerment, which is a serious issue that doesn’t have to always be taken so seriously. Part of the shock value of this track lies within society because after the initial reaction, the song is actually about a universal experience for women (and men!) everywhere.

Such a radical debut single like “Sex With Me” makes us excited about what’s to come from Tramp Stamps. It’s about time we celebrated women for being honest, badass and feminine all at once, while also being over the top in the best way. It’s also worth noting that the rack was written, produced and mixed just by the three of them. And for a debut single, the fact that it’s creeping up on 150,000 streams on Spotify alone proves this won’t be the last we hear from the ladies of Tramp Stamps.

Featured Image: Instagram (@trampstamps)

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