PVRIS X Rezz Crafted The Perfectly Dreamy And Bass-Filled Collab “Sacrificial”

It’s getting harder and harder not to be at concerts right now. Especially, when artists like PVRIS and Rezz won’t stop dropping bangers. So, a PVRIS X Rezz project left our jaws on the ground. “Sacrificial” is proof that the future of electronic music is female. Between Lynn’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and Rezz’s dreamy and satisfying production, it’s a match made in heaven. PVRIS already makes their own blend of electro-pop, synth, and rock. Their flavor only enhances Rezz’s crowd-capturing beats and bass.

Yes, underneath it all, the track is about sacrificing it all for love. However, it has Lynn Gunn from PVRIS’s signature dark imagery. “Sacrificial” has hints of ghostly and spiritual world building that is often the inspiration for PVRIS tracks. Nonetheless, Rezz infuses her production style, inspired by Deadmau5 and Skrillex, to truly make it a 50/50 collaboration.

If you thought it was already magical, just wait until you hear the drop. The true mark of a good EDM track is a drop that get listeners to FEEL the music. And damn, Rezz and PVRIS are giving us all the feels. A smooth drop coupled with Lynn’s angelic vocals make this a perfect contender for a live track. Rezz x PVRIS could form a supergroup or album based on this track, it’s that great.

Obviously, Rezz and PVRIS have both been stepping up their games every year. Both artists have been around for under a decade and are continuing to see crazy growth, especially in recent years. So yes, we’d love to see PVRIS at an EDM fest as soon as it’s safe. And an even bigger yes if Rezz wants to keep producing masterpieces with other talented female vocalists. No where to go but up from here. Hopefully we’ll see these two lovely ladies at a rave in the not too distant future.

Featured Image: SME (on behalf of Rezz Music/RCA Records)

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