A Look At “2020” From The Heart Of Mitch Rossell

Many of us can’t put into words the mark 2020 had left, as well as the road ahead. Musicians have a way of connecting our scattered thoughts to their same emotions, creating the perfect song. Mitch Rossell does exactly this with his revolutionary tale “2020”.

Rossell made his debut in 2016 with his Raised By The Radio album. Prior to this, he was growing up in East Tennessee and didn’t pick up a guitar until his freshman year of college. He caught the music bug, ventured to Nashville in 2010, and met some of the greats in country music! Soon, he was accompanying legend Garth Brooks on tour, winning thousands of new fans! The two country stars have a great friendship and support each other’s new music!

This track “2020,” from start to finish, keeps our attention and flows so effortlessly. Mitch provides a soulful, enlightening hymn-like plea for healing, inspired by last year’s challenges and setbacks. “It was an idea that I had, a ‘hindsight is 20/20’ thing,” Rossell confides to americansongwriter.com, “I had it back in September, but I knew that it was the kind of song where it needed to be written right…you need to let them live in your mind and your heart for a little while and make sure that you’re getting out what you really need to get out. So we didn’t really start digging into it until December.” The song goes above and beyond to create a feeling of unity, strength. We love hearing about the in-depth writing process too!

In the new year, Rossll hopes to create more jams and inspire communities across the globe to continue to help each other, as we rise up from the difficult hold 2020 has. But, with our faith and perseverance, and leaning on each other for support, Mitch says we can.

We’re looking forward to more music from an incredible leader! Check out the single, here!

Featured Image: Instagram (@mitch_rossell) 

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