Quinn XCII Caught Us Dreaming With A New Single

Cupid wasn’t the only one working hard this weekend. Quinn XCII also gave us more reasons to fall in love! Last week, he teased on Insta that a new jam would be released. Since Friday, we haven’t stopped jammin’ to “My Wife and 2 Dogs,” a dreamy track with a lot of heart and happy thoughts, which he co-wrote and produced with artist/DJ Ayokay.

The first beat gives us major 1980s vibes, with a modern twist Quinn spits out rhymes filled with good energy about the dangers of money-matters. He also highlights more important things: love, emotions, mental health, etc. He encourages to “unplug,” and hopes to build a cute life for his wife and two dogs aka living the dream!

The music video scores big too, with Quinn and Ayokay cruising on mopeds during the sunset. As they’re bundled up and vibing through the 20 degree weather, we can’t get enough of their smiles!

Before Quinn XCII became the guy we know and adore, he was writing and recording his own music as a sophomore at Michigan State University. The American singer-songwriter from Detroit has a unique style, combining pop and hip-hop music with elements of techno and lo-fi beats. In May 2015, with the release of his debut EP, Change of Scenery, we got to see him soar in the music scene, with promise from his smash-hit “Another Day in Paradise.”

From there, the hit songs kept coming, with 2016’s Bloom and 2017’s The Story of Us! In addition, 2019’s From Michigan With Love contained odes to his hometown routes. Most recently, 2020’s A Letter To My Younger Self showed how humble the artist is, with a sound that stands above the rest.

In addition to his solo works, he loves collaborating with other greats in the industry, including his real-life bffs Chelsea Cutler, Blackbear, Marc E. Bassy, and more!

Check out the song and video here! Look out for March 5th when Change of Scenery II shines through!

Featured Image: Instagram (@quinnxcii)