Joey Burbs Quits His “Day Job” In Inspiring New Single

On the heels of his well received first single of the year, 26-year-old Chicago rapper and producer Joey Burbs dropped his second track of the calendar year on February 17. “Day Job,” a non-album single, puts on display Burbs’ ability to craft tracks that register on the chill spectrum, albeit being upbeat all in one fell swoop, his frolicking pitch tastefully dancing amongst cleverly layered adlibs. Featuring vibrant lyrical fluency coupled with uplifting words, Burbs told “Day Job” is a “direct reflection of the last year of my life and some of the things I learned along the way.”

“All the music I release is special to me, but this is one I’m particularly proud of,” Burbs said of “Day Job” in a statement posted on Instagram.

Opening on soothing tropical guitar tones, Burbs sings of changing his life for the better via self dismissal from his “Day Job.” The song is autobiographical, as Burbs bet on himself, quitting his corporate job one year ago to the day “Day Job” was released (February 17 2020), allowing him to focus more acutely on his music career. Burbs preaches moving on and rolling with the punches life throws at you. Burbs lays down smooth rolls from verse to chorus, singing “all these changes // and I feel just fine // no more waiting ’round for ‘right’ days to arrive.” By the sound of things, Burbs appears to be very happy with the life decision that led to this track.

Taking a leap of faith of this nature takes guts, and there is no doubt a tonne of forethought went into the decision. Reinforced by his signature authentic flow, sporadic conveyance fluently spacing each line’s contents with some variance – a nice touch to a bold track on the lyrical department. “Day Job” shows growth for Burbs, his vivid orations increase in effectiveness with each release.

On the promotional front, Burbs announced an accompanying music video for “Day Job” on social media. As a fan activation, he sent a sneak-peak link for the visual, which is set to release in “a few weeks,” to fans who pre-saved the song on streaming services. As one of the lucky few to be granted early access to the video, which Burbs edited himself, I can confirm it veritably slaps.

Bolstered by a collaboration with noted Boston area rapper Sammy Adams that was spurred by a Twitter-based introduction for the pair, Burbs’ 2019 debut album Not In That Order has garnered over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, with a streams-per-song average well over 130k on the platform. With Not In That Order’s two-year anniversary upcoming in a few short months, along with Burbs’ recently clearer schedule, be sure to keep an eye out for more content over the next few months. Based on “Day Job” and Burbs’ first track of the year, January’s “Don’t Let Me Go,” positive and upbeat sounds to be the vibe for the next chapter for Joey Burbs, and it’s sure to be a “Bright One”.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Joey Burbs

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