Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn Co-Written Songs

All Of Joe Alwyn’s Co-Written Songs With Taylor Swift Ranked

1. “Champagne Problems”

Although we don’t know exactly which parts of the tracks in Evermore Alwyn wrote, it is safe to say that the entirety of “Champagne Problems” is genius. The song tells the story of a longtime couple who had “very different plans for the same night.”

From the perspective of a woman who seemingly lives with a mental illness, the narrator talks about a marriage proposal she rejected, and how she might have surprised and hurt her partner and their family. Nevertheless, the woman also hopes that her now ex-partner will find another woman who loves them for who they are. The lyrics reflect the uncertainty and sadness the main character feels, and they shine a light on mental health and how stigmatized it still is.

Definitely, the bridge is the strongest part of the song, and it is also one of Swift’s best. Alwyn and Swift are in an extremely happy relationship, so the fact that they wrote this heartbreaking song together makes it even more fascinating and deserving of a first-place ranking. Little did 19-year-old Taylor Swift know that she was going to write songs with her boyfriend in 12 years.

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