GOT7 Surprise Fans With New Single “Encore”

GOT7 have surprised their fans with a brand new single and video! The stars, who recently made headlines for ending their contract with longtime management JYP Entertainment, released the song and accompanying video on their new YouTube channel.

Back in January, the group announced that they would be ending their contract with JYP, however, the group emphasized that they would not be disbanding. Meanwhile, each of the members have entered new contracts and negotiations with other entertainment companies. Youngjae signed to Sublime Artist Agency. Jinyoung signed to BH Entertainment and is already set to star in a new drama titled Devil Judge.Yugyeom signed to AOMG, founded by rapper Jay Park. Jackson will continue his representation through his own label, TEAM WANG. JB has launched new social media accounts for himself and Mark has returned to his hometown of Los Angeles as well as releasing a new single, “One In A Million” with Sanjoy.

For the few weeks between these announcements and the new release, fans were unsure of what to expect for the future of GOT7, with the members, at least for the meantime, focusing on their solo endeavors. “Encore,” released through Warner Music Korea is a sweet and sweeping ballad celebrating not only the memories the members made with each other, but the memories they have all made with their fans over the years. The chorus pulls at the heartstrings, with the members declaring, “We will sing for you / Even if the world ends.”

The accompanying video, executively produced by Mark, features footage of the group working in the studio, hanging out, and performing for their fans. At one point in the video, Yugyeom says “More than anything else, we wanted to express our feelings like this, through this song.” JB adds that “We made a promise with our fans so we’re here to keep that promise.” Youngjae continues the sentiment, finishing by saying “Since we will always continue to sing the encore for you, let’s always be together, everyone.”

“Encore” is a beautifully simple track that puts full focus on emotion and delivery, rather than flashy production. It’s a beautiful tribute to what GOT7 has grown to be and to the fans that have supported them throughout their career so far.

Credit: Featured Image: YouTube (GOT7)