Kings of Leon’s “Echoing” Is Soft, Sheer Brilliance

For some, their introduction to Kings of Leon was Caleb Followill’s guttural singing about hot lovemaking on “Sex on Fire.” It’s a good introduction to the talented vocalist, to be sure, but his singing approach isn’t always so in your face. Take Kings of Leon’s newest track “Echoing,” for example. This tune feels more indie than hard rock, and its vocals are subdued to a degree that’s reminiscent of The Strokes. OK, OK, so they don’t go full low-fi, but Kings of Leon’s sound is definitely softer here. It’s odd to describe “Echoing” as quiet brilliance, given the band behind it is anything but quiet, but this song is softer and it’s most definitely brilliant. 

“Echoing” by Kings of Leon has “road trip” written all over it. It’s the kind of song that you’ll want with you on a life-changing adventure; it’s also the kind of song that might propel you to embark on a life-changing adventure. It’s all about the movement of life and how we can’t stay rooted to one second, scene or saga. Although he admits that his head is “full of sand,” Followill isn’t willing to let that fact hold him back. “Feet point both directions if you need a hand,” he sings in a manner that’s so casual and cool, it’s easy to miss its significance. Followill puts it out there that many of us have a pair of feet to go where we want, do what we want and help who we want; it sounds like a simple thought, but it’s actually quite profound. After all, it’s common for people to become complacent in life and never really go anywhere or do anything grand. However, on this song, Kings of Leon say to hell with all of that. 

It’s easy to go on and on about Followill’s singing because it’s just that good. The way he enunciates the song’s title, purposefully emphasizing every single consonant, commands your attention. If you happened to forget the name of the song, Followill’s got you covered. The instrumentals on Kings of Leon’s “Echoing” are also nothing short of impressive. Immediately, you’re hit with thumping drums, which mimic the sound of someone rapidly approaching. It’s urgent, it’s unapologetic and it’s fitting, really, considering the whole song’s about the journey of life and the steps we take along the way. 

If you stripped away the singing, this would still be a fantastic song; if you stripped away the instrumentals, this would still be a fantastic song. Together, both of these elements make for a track that’s not only a treat, but it’s perhaps one of Kings of Leon’s best songs to date.

But, of course, you absolutely must hear it for yourself. Check out “Echoing” from Kings of Leon above and all of their other music on their official YouTube channel.

Featured Image: Instagram (@KingsofLeon)