Audriix Says She Won’t “Waste A Goodbye” On New Single

Valentine’s Day has passed but the lingering memory of a past significant other still looms around our minds. Audriix released her first single of 2021 in the form of “Waste a Goodbye,” a booming pop anthem that illuminates the pain of a dying relationship and the struggle to say goodbye. It may pain us to rip the bandaid off to cut that person off, but Audriix puts all of that invisible pain into this song.


When talking about her music, Audriix shared, “None of my songs portray the woman as the victim,” she says. “It’s all about being strong and standing up for yourself. I hope that listeners come away feeling empowered to do whatever they set their minds to.” It has not occurred to me how often women are constantly blamed in their music, but with her songs, Audriix makes sure not to blame herself for feeling the way she does. She sings, “You, I give and you take, this whole merry-go-round // You, would go down in flames for an easy way out.” She makes sure to let everyone know that she is the one putting in effort, and the other party isn’t reciprocating, not blaming herself but putting the responsibility on the other party.


Along with a captivating music video, the pop artist has launched a TikTok trend to curate the various emotions that have arisen while creating the song.


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♬ Waste a Goodbye – Audriix

With the release of her single, Audriix has curated a playlist of some of her top pop songs that have inspired her journey when writing “Waste A Goodbye.” Check it out!

Don’t waste your goodbyes, but make sure that you listen to “Waste A Goodbye”!

Featured Image: Recursive Leap Records

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