Baby Queen "Raw Thoughts"

Baby Queen Navigates “Raw Thoughts” in the Aftermath of a Breakup

Baby Queen’s first release of the year, “Raw Thoughts,” is a vulnerable track about freedom and the dangers that come with it. The rising pop star released her debut EP, Medicine, in 2020, attracting a solid fanbase with its sharp pop sonics and brutally honest songwriting. “Raw Thoughts” is a continuation of the topics discussed in Medicine such as relationships, coping mechanisms and mental health.

“Raw Thoughts” is Baby Queen’s unfiltered internal dialogue of acknowledging her own toxic behaviors in the aftermath of a breakup. Sonically, the track goes through several dynamic feelings throughout its entirety, much like the ups and downs of one’s emotions experiencing heartbreak. The first verse is almost like a poem, with satisfying rhyme schemes and flowery descriptive language, like the use of the word “labyrinthine.”


One of the most intriguing aspects of “Raw Thoughts” is the progression of the chorus. When the beat kicks in as she sings, “Fuck it, girl, I really miss you, you were my best friend,” the invoked emotions reach new heights. In the second verse, Baby Queen takes notes from one of her biggest musical inspirations, Taylor Swift, by adding in a specific visual scenario. She reflects on how it felt to be in the relationship, singing, “Me in the backseat, driving in your mum’s blue car.”

The “Raw Thoughts” music video serves as the perfect visual companion, embodying the coming of age spirit of the track. Comprising clips of Baby Queen having fun with friends in both purposeful low-quality footage and more traditional high-quality moments, the video assists with evoking the visceral feelings of the song.

Baby Queen’s relatability, openness, and free-spirited energy shine in “Raw Thoughts.” It’s the perfect combination of using substances to cope with a breakup, reminiscing on heartbreaking memories, and making space for vulnerability. The relatability and specificity tie together nicely, making the track unique to Baby Queen but identifiable for any listener. We hope 2021 brings us tons of new music from Baby Queen and we can’t wait to watch her continue to grow as an artist!

Featured Image: Polydor Records

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