Yungblud’s Welcomed The Perseverance Rover To Mars With Cover Of David Bowie’s “Life On Mars”

Yungblud recently had the honor of welcoming NASA’s Perseverance rover to Mars with his cover of David Bowie’s classic “Life On Mars.” NASA live streamed the historic event as the Rover reached the end of its 203 day 293 million mile journey. Perseverance began the journey to mars on July 30 and finally touched down on Mars on February 18 2021. Yungblud who has his own song titled “Mars” from his recent album Weird was honored to take on the task.

Yungblud has mentioned in statements how much of a musical inspiration Bowie has been to him so to get the call from NASA asking him to be a part of this was a huge shock and honor. As soon as the rover completed its journey successfully Yungblud’s cover of “Life On Mars” played alongside images of people celebrating the achievement all around the world. Kerry Brown, the CEO/Founder of Rolling Live Studios mentioned in a statement “It was amazing working with Yunbglud and I’m honored that Rolling Live, Mike Garson, and Bowie Band alumni got to play a part in bringing an iconic song to mark this historic moment.”

Surely to be a moment he will never forget it’s clear he put all of his heart and emotions into this epic performance of his favorite artists song. With rock legends including past members from Bowie’s band by his side Yungblud’s cover of “Life On Mars” playing during this historic moment is the perfect tribute for the late David Bowie. You can check out NASA’s live stream of the moment Perseverance landed down below and hear Yungblud’s epic cover of “Life On Mars.”

Featured Photo: Instagram: (@yungblud)