LILHUDDY Reinvents Pop-Punk On New Single “Eulogy Of You And Me”

TikTok star LILHUDDY (born Chase Hudson) dropped his latest single “Eulogy of You and Me” on Feb 18. Produced by pop-punk legend Travis Barker, the track is LILHUDDY’s follow-up single to his debut release “21st Century Vampire.” The song is a nostalgic but fresh take on pop-punk with some emo elements sprinkled in there. With the recent major resurgence of pop-punk, along with Hudson’s recent starring role in Machine Gun Kelly’s movie Downfalls High, it’s no surprise that he is embracing the genre to the fullest extent.

“You showed up in a black veil // A black dress // I left you black roses on your steps // I guess the last kiss was the kiss of death,” he sings in the first verse. Lyrically, we’re getting some My Chemical Romance vibes right off the bat.

“Now you’re dead to me, and it’s R.I.P // Here lies all of the lies // And all of the pain that I buried inside // Goodbye, I know it’s tragic // The memory of us will go up in ashes,” he continues in the pre-chorus. The song is a dark take about ending a toxic relationship. Thematically, the song continues in the same vein, all over a modern but familiar pop-punk instrumental. Barker’s influence is heard heavily throughout the song. It truly gives off early 2000s vibes and we’re here for it.

Due to the fact that LILHUDDY is a TikTok star and pop-punk is really popular right now, some might criticize the release as a mere cash grab. He does have a built-in fanbase, after all. However, there is no denying the song is well written and well-produced. There’s also no denying his passion for music and the genre. “I’m so excited that this song is finallyyy out. After all of the 4am sets and the patience for months I’ve had for this song that I love so much. It’s such a special song,” he wrote about the track on Twitter. Overall, the release just makes sense when you look at his brand, the song is impressive, and we’re excited to see what else he comes out with in the future. Check out the video for “Eulogy of You and Me” here:

Featured Image: Instagram (@LilHuddy)