Nick Jonas Feels Like A Spaceman

Nick Jonas has launched a new surprise onto us this year. Remember the last time the Jonas Brothers broke up… because Nick had creative differences and solo ambitions. Well, now while it seems like the Jonas Brothers are still together, we are gifted with the solo album from Nick. While the album Spaceman comes out on March 12, Jonas has released the first single off of the album, which is also the title track “Spaceman”.

“Spaceman” shares Jonas’ feelings about being frustrated in quarantine, the election process, and everyone’s collectives hopes for a better 2021 with changes in power. Kicking off the connection to his theme of outer space, Jonas starts the track with “Houston, think we got some problems” and uses this iconic line to talk about the struggles that we have faced regarding the pandemic and changes we have been promised with a new president but have not been given.

While many have been focused on giving us upbeat music, Jonas makes sure to put put music that everyone can relate to. The lyrics convey a story that we all have been living for the past year, which makes the song have such a personal connection

Upon the announcement of his single, fans have noticed some new symbols that Jonas has left through the Spotify visuals.

While we all feel like some spacemen, waiting for things to get better, we can look forward to the complete album coming out on March 12!

Featured Image: Instagram (@nickjonas)

Amrutha Satti