Review of "Tweety" by Raveena

Fall in Love With Raveena and Her New Single “Tweety”

Rising R&B star, Raveena, is bringing us back to the early 2000s with her new single “Tweety.” The track is a traditional love song with cheeky lyrics and clever metaphors that give it a unique feel. The instrumental is simple, clean, and so addicting that “Tweety” is sure to be on repeat for days. The visuals, from the cover art to the music video, add another layer of vibrant and playful energy to a classic R&B pop love song.

The “Tweety” intro is a perfect combination of modern production elements and a recognizable early 2000’s R&B beat. The title of the track comes from a love-struck lyric where Raveena sings, “Blushing like I’m tweety bird // If you want me you can say the word.” It’s clear that Raveena also pulled inspiration from this lyric when incorporating cartoonish visuals for the track’s cover art and music video.

“Tweety” shines in its simplicity without ever losing the listener’s attention. To aid the romantic, whimsical nature of the track, Raveena repeats the word “butterfly” during the pre-chorus. This risky choice succeeded due to the way it highlights her absolutely mesmerizing vocal abilities. In the second verse Raveena’s vocals thrive in a hip-hop flow, which works flawlessly with the production and overall vibe of the track. Adding the charming current reference of, “Like a Telfar drop // I don’t wanna see it then it’s gone,” makes the track more unique and provides a fun standout lyrical moment.

Raveena is making music that is unlike anything else on the radio now. It’s a breath of fresh air and makes the music that much more enjoyable. “Tweety” is an addicting track with just the right amount of love, quirkiness, and individuality. Raveena is definitely an artist to watch and we can’t wait to see what she drops next!

Featured Image: 12Tone Music

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