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Get Ready To Dance To Ludic’s Groovy “Digital Release”

Last Friday, Canadian trio Ludic unveiled their new single “Digital Release.” The tune is as groovy as it gets, and it will surely capture the attention of the younger generations.

The band consists of Ayla Tesler-Mabe and brothers Rhett and Max Cunningham. They compose timeless upbeat tracks thanks to their skills as multi-instrumentalists and songwriters.

According to Ludic’s website, the musicians draw inspiration from Stevie Wonder, Prince and Jimmy Page. In just one year, the band has released around 10 songs, and none of them is dull. “Digital Release” is just an example of Ludic’s incredible talent.

The chorus “I need that digital release // stress-free just come so easily // I’ll just forget it all // responsibilities” will make many listeners identify with the message in the single. Using technology as an escape from reality is something we’ve been doing now more than ever.

Moreover, the band members are in their late teens and early 20s, so they know what it’s like to grow up in the era of technology. With the lyrics “looking at my screen, it’s clear // no doubts no fears // free in my feelings,” the band describes the feeling of freedom and of being whomever you want to be on the internet.

Nevertheless, the artists also make it clear that overusing digital devices could be harmful. The line “I know that it’s not helping me” shines a light on the dark side of technology and how it can make people angry, depressed, anxious, and even result in poor performance at work or school.

Overall, the catchy and cheerful vibe of “Digital Release” will bring joy to anyone who listens to it. Ludic’s uniqueness is a breath of fresh air for the music industry, and we can’t wait to see them succeed even more in the future. You can listen to “Digital Release” below!

Featured Image: Royal Artist Group

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