Kali Uchis Serves Us Long Distance Love in “Telepatia”

Kali Uchis is officially the biggest buzz in the music industry with her hit song “Telepatia.” After blowing up on TikTok, Kali Uchis quickly turned “Telepatia” into a single for her already released sophomore album. “Telepatia” is a Spanish-English mashup that elegantly tells a story about a long-distance relationship that we find fitting for Uchis. She drew inspiration from telepathy (telepatia in Spanish) and being able to spiritually communicate with someone whom she could not be with. She also stated in her recent TikTok video, “Many say it transfers serotonin/love they can physically feel because this song heals & makes you a better human being”. After positive reviews by fans, “Telepatia” managed to reach top charts on Latin, U.S.A and Billboard Charts!

@kaliuchisthank u for spreading the love🌼♬ telepatía – Kali Uchis

Many of the lyrics tell a story about connecting with someone spiritually or over the phone. One of the most known lines in her song is: “Quién lo diría que se podría // Hacer el amor por telepatía”. This translates to: “Who would have known // That you can make love telepathically”. Uchis is ultimately singing to her partner and is shocked that they made her fall in love. She is even in more shock that she fell in love with someone who is not always there with there physically, hence “telepathically”. In addition, Ulchis sings: “Listen while you talk when you’re fast asleep // You stay on the phone just to hear me breathe”. In a long-distance relationship, sleeping while being on the phone is normal and Ulchis is all here for that. She is obsessed with how her partner talks in their sleep and how they also stay in the call to hear her breath.

Listen to the song down below and tell us how you feel about this telepathic song!

Featured Image: Instagram (@KaliUchis)