Aly & Aj Take Us On A Ride With “Pretty Places”

Sister duo Aly & AJ are back with big news, a new single and a long-awaited album title announcement! The Disney veterans have released another track from their upcoming album, A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun, which will be their first full-length album release in 14 years (wow!). Their newest tease of the highly anticipated project, “Pretty Places,” has been proclaimed by the girls as their favorite song they’ve ever written.

“Pretty Places” is the perfect addition to the previously released tracks from the album, “Slow Dancing” and “Listen!!!” Although they’re each unique, there’s clearly a common thread tying them together sonically and lyrically.

If you’re looking for a perfect track to add to your road trip playlist, look no further. “Pretty Places” embodies the feeling of driving down the Pacific Coast Highway on a dreamy evening, watching the sunset and sticking your head out the window to feel the warm air. For this track, Aly & AJ set out to make something that sounds vintage to represent the music they grew up with, but while also giving it a unique, modern twist. They certainly achieved this with “Pretty Places.”

After a year of a devastating pandemic and not being able to travel, “Pretty Places” is the result of the longing and appreciation Aly & AJ have for the world and their loved ones. In the chorus, they sing, “All the pretty places // Pull us away from where the pain is,” referring to the escapism of a good road trip and the appreciation of our beautiful world despite the chaos.

Paired with a music video filled with picturesque visuals of driving alongside the Pacific Ocean, “Pretty Places” fully commits to the road trip theme. Overall, the track embodies a distinct feeling and aura, one that washes away the worries of the last year and leaves listeners optimistic about life. It’s easy to see why the sisters value “Pretty Places” as the best song they’ve ever written. Aly & AJ have definitely amped up the expectations of their upcoming album, and if “Pretty Places” is anything like what we have in store, we’re in for a treat.

Featured Image: Hollywood Records