Badflower Drops Harrowing Track About Climate Change Called “F*ck The World” Inspired By 90s Rock

Musicians have an incredible power in story telling and spreading awareness. Badflower is here with their new track, “F*ck the World,” to share their fear of the future. The LA band uses this new track to express feelings of “eco-anxiety,”  the fear of environmental damage. The track has heavy 90s-rock influences. And despite the harrowing lyrics, the track is still sonically beautiful. The track may not be as high-energy as their last single, “30,” but it demonstrates Badflower’s storytelling ability.

“F*ck The World” may require a few listens to get into, but it’s well-worth the repeated listens. The track in incredibly nuanced with layers listeners uncover with each new listen. Listeners will notice that the track’s slow build lends very much not a Nirvana-type influence. Regardless of the slow build, Badflower drops a killer breakdown after a haunting bridge. The song structure is less traditional, but it lends well to the band’s style. Then, the last minute of the song brings you form wanting to cry to wanting to kick down doors and save the Earth.

If you haven’t listened to much of Badflower’s previous work, know that they are a band who wears their hearts on their sleeves. Singer, Josh Katz, has a knack for having piercing words. And “F*ck the World” echoes what many young people are thinking with how past generations are leaving our Earth in a deteriorating state. Lines like “Trash the home you left for us // Leave the young to clean it up,” is the sad but realist point of view. Sure the song may seem pessimistic, yet that feeling of hopelessness simultaneously brings us closer.

Music is often an escape from reality. However, we sometimes need music to share dark thoughts and feelings. Through their single, “F*ck The World,” Badflower combines cynicism and realism into one track that is oddly comforting. Badflower continues to impress. “F*ck The World” and “30,” their two singles so far are wildly different, but still sounds very on brand for the band. So, we cannot wait to see what untitled album 2 will be like. I’m sure it will get us in our feels and on our feet no matter what.

Featured Image: Big Machine Records / John Varvatos Records

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