BLACKPINK’s Rosé Makes Her Solo Debut With “R”, Including New Single “On The Ground”

BLACKPINK’s Rosé has made her solo debut with her new single “On The Ground,” which is accompanied by an additional track titled “Gone.” The project is titled R, signifying Rosé’s individual debut. No need to fret, the sensational KPOP girl group is still going strong. Fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie had her solo debut in 2018 and now it’s simply Rosé’s time to shine.

The track is a notable departure from the girl group’s recent debut album titled “THE ALBUM,” which came out in 2020. It’s also worth noting that the whole track is sung in English, instead of BLACKPINK’s common mix of English and Korean. “On The Ground” is a reflection on fame and success, emphasizing how it usually doesn’t provide you with complete happiness.

“On The Ground” starts with an enticing guitar strum that eventually builds up to an epic chorus, echoing the rise to fame Rosé is singing about. The “On The Ground” mentality is that once you reach the top, you realize the things in life that matter the most are back at the bottom. She reminisces on life before fame and remarks, “Funny when you want it, suddenly you have it / You find out that your gold’s just plastic.” The lyrics emphasize how hard she’s worked to achieve this success, which refers to the standard rigorous training that KPOP groups go through in Korea before launching.

The chorus is an electric release, where Rosé sings “Everything I need is on the ground” before the production changes to a major beat drop. During the bridge, production is stripped back and the focus is again on Rosé’s vocals. Followed by an impressive vocal run leading into the final chorus, the bridge is an essential moment of reflection for Rosé and adds dimension to the track.

“Gone” is a fully acoustic, traditional heartbreak track that showcases Rosé’s passionate vocals. It’s a vulnerable, stripped down moment which is unlike BLACKPINK’s usual projects. It feels personal and gives listeners insight into Rosé’s unique perspective. Paired with “On The Ground,” these two tracks compliment each other by embodying different sides of Rosé’s personality and range of emotions.

The two track project is an impressive debut and impactful introduction to Rosé as a solo artist. BLINKS have passionately shown their support and appreciation for the member, giving her the individual love she deserves. From the music video to the visuals, it’s safe to say that his era is going to be a massive moment for Rosé, BLACKPINK, and the always enthusiastic Blinks.

Featured Image: YG Entertainment