Nick Jonas’ Spaceman Is Basically A Love Letter To Wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Nick Jonas’ fourth studio album, Spaceman, has officially landed. It feels like just yesterday that the Jonas Brothers blessed us with the Happiness Begins era, but alas, we know that Nick Jonas is always up to something. The new album is a mature step into atmospheric, mid-tempo pop that is basically entirely about his love for his wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Sonically, it is a cohesive record that makes perfect sense for the 28-year-old’s current stage in life: married, madly in love, and just kinda vibin’.

The album starts off with “Don’t Give Up On Us,” which is an airy track with some 80s synths. Lyrically, it starts the album on a more insecure note, serving as a gentle plea for his lover to stick by his side through the hard times. This theme of insecurity also shows up in “Nervous,” which is another spacey, synth-heavy track. Even after almost three years of marriage, he is still letting Priyanka know that she still makes him nervous “like it’s the first time.” It’s too sweet.

The album takes a more upbeat turn with “This Is Heaven,” a track that explores the euphoric feeling that comes with being in love. Funk-pop track “Delicious” gets a little spicy, giving us lyrics like, “You know that I want it // Baby you’re so delicious,” and, “I know it’s going down tonight.” This theme also shows up in slow-jam “Sexual,” which is about exactly what the title suggests. Something to note is the maturity that Jonas exhibits when writing about these topics. You can tell that he is comfortable with himself and his relationship, and also has the utmost respect for his wife, as he should.

The album as a whole seems to exhibit the rollercoaster of emotions one would feel in a relationship with someone they truly love: insecurity, euphoria, comfort and infatuation. It is truly a 35-minute long love letter. Going from his deep insecurity on 2015 hit “Jealous” where he was bothered by men just looking at his partner, to writing lyrics like “I don’t mind the looks from other guys,” it is clear that Nick has grown up in the best possible way both personally and artistically. As an added bonus: Nick dropped a deluxe version of the album, which includes the track “Selfish” that features his brothers Joe and Kevin (a major win for Jonas Brothers fans everywhere.)

Featured Image: Island Records