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BTS, TXT Parent Company Rebrands, Expands

Big Hit Entertainment is making some big moves! The agency behind K-pop stars BTS and TXT is rebranding itself as HYBE and planning major expansions.

With a roughly 40-minute presentation posted to YouTube, the company introduces its new rebrand as HYBE. The video gives insight into what to expect from the new venture. Despite the name change, the company reassured fans that the “Big Hit” brand will not be phased out.

“The identity of Big Hit Entertainment will live on as ‘Big Hit Music’ as a label that makes up HYBE,” stated Chairman and CEO Bang Si-Hyuk. He added that HYBE will serve as a “bigger vessel for Big Hit to nestle in.”

As well as the presentation, the group has been releasing short campaign videos focusing on the phrase “What do you believe in?” With the new slogan is “We believe in music,” HYBE is placing heavy emphasis on connection and building relationships through music. Regarding the name change, the company shared that HYBE represents their mission to become a “music-based entertainment lifestyle company.”

In the company presentation video, Chairman Bang stated that “We define the ‘entertainment lifestyle’ as every experience that is full of infinite imagination and joy from music, increasing happiness and convenience in our everyday life. We will provide this experience to everyone and connect with the world through platforms to build positive relationships.”

Along with the company’s pre-existing label relations, they will be establishing two main divisions: HYBE Solutions and HYBE Platforms. HYBE Solutions will be comprised of “expert business units,” which will specialize in fields including video content, IP, education, games, and more. HYBE Platforms, which currently only has the company’s fan community app Weverse, will perform as “the center that connects and expands all HYBE content and services.”

The company’s rebranding will officially be finalized on March 30 at their shareholders’ meeting.

Check out the full company presentation below!

Credit: Featured Image: YouTube (Big Hit Labels)

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