Yungblud Re-Releases “Parents” With A TikTok Inspired Twist

Have you ever dreamed of releasing a song with one of your favorite musicians? That dream recently came true for Liverpool native Chloe Noone when Yungblud asked her to do a verse on his song “Parents.” This happened all because Noone made a duet on TikTok to one of Yungblud’s videos asking people to freestyle a verse on “Parents” since it was going viral on the app.

Thousands of people from all over the world posted videos using the sound on TikTok expressing themselves through their freestyle verses.


Initially, Yungblud had the idea of getting another artist to be on a remix since the song was blowing up again. But after seeing all of his fans duets he knew exactly who needed to be featured on the song. He said in a statement on his Instagram “Parents has become very much the anthem for our family and when I saw it was blowin’ up again i asked you if I should get an artist to remix it and who should that artist be. Then it occurred to me, this song is about us, so it could only have been one of you that could have done it justice.” Noone’s verse about equality for women stood out to him and he knew that more people needed to hear what she had to say.

You can check out the video down below to see just how this surprise collaboration came to be.Speaking more about Chloe Yungblud stated “Her verse just jumped out of the screen and especially right now what she is talking about is something people need to hear! I love Chloe and her family are amazing, I can’t wait to bring her out on stage to sing it with me. This whole thing is about us always, this is our culture.”

Yungblud’s “Parents” featuring Chloe Noone is available to listen to on streaming services now so be sure to check it out!

Featured Photo: Instagram (@yungblud)