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K-Pop Star IU Goes All In

IU didn’t keep fans waiting long for a new music video! Just a day after dropping a video for her newest album’s title track “Lilac,” the K-pop star and singer has released yet another colorful and lively video, this time for “Coin.”

“Coin” sees IU exploring new sonic landscapes with a 70’s funk-inspired track. The lyrics take listeners to the world of high-stakes gambling. “Ruthless move to the high rollers, I love gamble,” IU states in the opening verse with effortless flow. She continues to sing of her skills, “A new world as I get bold on my table / I’m sorry life is always unfair / So it’s pretty fun.”

“Coin” is a catchy and lively track with a simple chorus. But the funk instrumentals, including a nice little brass run, keep the listener invested and carry it through.

It’s the verses where the track shines, with IU showing off her rapping skills in the second verse. The gambling imagery serves well as a metaphor for the singer to share how she’s not afraid to take risks and go for the big prize. The track is full of swagger and shows off IU’s natural attitude.

The accompanying video for “Coin” is full of retro imagery. Opening with IU putting a coin in a jukebox to kick the track off, the video follows the singer as she makes quick work of the other players in the casino. The colorful set design and background actors in animal heads bring the glamourous and campy visuals together. Throughout the video, the high-rolling IU wears a variety of menswear-inspired outfits as she sweeps the tables. Additionally, the choreography fits well with the feel of the song; upbeat and with a smooth flow.

Check out the music video for “Coin” below!

Credit: Featured Image: Youtube (1theK 원더케이)