Real Talk With TAHNE

Once we heard TAHNE‘s electric sound, we got incredibly good vibes! Picture P!nk meets Kehlani, with powerful lyrics, a voice that can move mountains, and a fun, care-free persona! In her music, she promotes honesty and trust, which is demonstrated in her recent single “Clarity,” released this past Friday!

According to TAHNE, music has been a constant companion for her, allowing her to explore. “I saw the joy that music brought to the people around me and it inspired me,” she recalls, “It gave me an outlet as well as a place to escape during a time when I really needed it.” Tahne Jo Stillwell grew up in Wisconsin, and found herself in foster care at a young age. She always viewed music as a support-system, and resonates with her lyrics today.

As an artist and avid-listener , she’s inspired by international music. “My music taste is really based on my mood in that moment. I listen to a lot of music around the world and I marvel at the different styles, rhythms, and magic.” When we can safely return to live music, she listed a few champions in the lady-music industry! “Lady Gaga has this ability to inspire her audience, which I admire. She would be fantastic. Same with Alicia Keys, for her brilliance and philanthropy-work, alongside the music. Lastly, Lizzo would make a great tour-mate for her energy, style, humor, and overall empowerment! Just to be in the presence of those that share the love of music and people and good-energy would be a blessing!”

“Clarity” has a unique upbringing that provides more depth to the song. “I had been struggling with my mom at the time and then one day I came to the conclusion that she had a story, that we all have our own story”, she confides to Soundigest “I came into the world in the darkest part of her life and I always felt that I was just a reminder and I think that’s the barrier between us. So I went into the studio and Shannon [Sanders, Grammy Award winning producer-songwriter], who inquired about my story. The hook for “Clarity” was born in that instant.” This delivery provoked by Sanders created a “pivotal healing moment” for TAHNE that she will hold dearly.

Collaborating with other talented songwriters in the game is one of her favorite aspects of this industry. “I have been fortunate to work with some of the greatest in the music world”, she affirms, “It’s always different and depends on the overall vibe in the writing room. The biggest lesson I’ve learned by collaborating with other songwriters is to trust myself, my vision, and my mission.” Yes! Staying true to Y-O-U!

Despite the pandemic, TAHNE was able to continue using music, songwriting, and production as a coping mechanism. “Although we were safe and careful while recording [during the pandemic], I’m looking forward to interacting again with the team and with fans,” TAHNE reveals, “I still miss playing for people and hearing the crowd. There is nothing better than being able to interact with people and share music and stories.”

Her ambition to empower fans is what really makes her get up in the am. “My hope is that my artistry resonates with people and I want to be able to build a community to empower one another. I want to give hope to people, so my hope is to give people hope.” And this is the energy we all need!

Check out TAHNE’s newest single, “Clarity,” and follow her on Insta!

Featured Image: Instagram (@tahneofficial) 

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