Taylor Swift (Fearless Taylor's Version)

Everything We Know About Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

As Swifties, nothing has been scarier than waking up to another Taylor Swift album announcement on a random Thursday morning. With Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Taylor was kind enough to give us a heads up. Scroll down below to see all the secret messages Taylor has dropped from the beginning of the re-recording announcement to now!

On February 11, when Taylor first dropped the Fearless (Taylor’s Version) cover art, she went back to her roots with the secret messages. When talking about how excited she was for the album release, she capitalized random letters throughout the story to unveil a secret message. Fans were quick to decode that the album would drop April 9.


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Swift did not announce the album release date until April 8 on Good Morning America.

Tagging along with Swifties decoding secret messages, when Taylor posted an “Easter egg” to decode the secret track playlist, fans were able to decode them all in 5 minutes. This should not be surprising at all, we’ve been prepping for this for years.

When Swift randomly dropped “Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version),” fans were quick to note how the song mentioned “Mr….” 27 times. While this may seem insignificant, lifelong fans know the importance of the number 27. Famously, Joe Jonas and Taylor’s breakup call was just 27 seconds long. It’s safe to say we can expect the same amount of pettiness and details in the remaining vault songs.

With the release of the album less than 48 hours away, Taylor has begun sending out some of the re-recording songs to some of her peers in the industry – or the way she likes to call them her children, Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray. In addition, Taylor Nation had started doing live streams dropping snippets of the various tracks.

Being able to listen to Fearless for the first time was an experience of itself, but being able to do this again 11 years later is such an honor. Whatever you are doing tonight, drop it so you can relive your fantasies with Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

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