Waterparks’ High Energy Single Shines Light On Mental Health

Ahead of the release of their fourth studio album Greatest Hits, Waterparks have dropped another song titled “Numb.” The song follows the previously released “Snow Globe” and “Lowkey As Hell” which will also be featured on the album. The latest release from the rock band from Texas, “Numb” is a high energy loud track that shines a light on mental health.

From the beginning of the song, Geoff Wigington’s guitar strumming and Otto Wood’s drumming will immediately grab your attention. Lead vocalist Awsten Knight, who wrote and produced the track, sings on the chorus “You only like me whеn I’m numb // Now I’m mad about—I don’t know what // All I know is that this isn’t fun” singing about how some people tend to only like him at his most vulnerable state. The song also includes a fast-paced, rap-like verse from Awsten which he broke down in a video for fans.

In addition to the release of the track, the band also released an accompanying music video for “Numb.” The video is as high energy as the song as the band performs from a small, vibrantly colored room. While talking about the video in a statement, Awsten mentioned “I personally wanted to be the fast-paced ‘thing’ happening in the video. Then by the outro, I wanted a complete energy shift and my role and the room’s role switch places and the chaos transfers from me to the outside environment. The song itself feels like it gets ripped open by the end. I wanted the outro to be the complete inverse to the rest of the video without just hitting control lol.”

The song’s trippy outro plays as the vibrant room transforms into a dark thunderstorm. You can check out Waterparks’ new single “Numb” and the music video down below. And get ready for the band’s forthcoming album, Greatest Hits, dropping on May 21!

Featured Photo: Instagram (@waterparks)