The Vamps’ “Would You” Music Video Is As Cinematic As It Gets

On Sunday, The Vamps released a music video for “Would You.” The song is the fourth single off the band’s fifth studio album, Cherry Blossom.

In essence, “Would You” is a track about the uncertainty of a fragile relationship. The narrator is unsure that his partner loves him, and the song’s intro conveys this message perfectly: “Tell me how you really feel // So I know it’s really real.” He needs his lover to tell him the truth so he can either rest assured or leave the relationship for good.

Similarly, the character contemplates what would happen if he left his partner in the past. The lyrics “If I walked out the door // Would you care enough to follow? // Would you even miss me at all?” reflect the singer’s doubts and fears.

Cherry Blossom is The Vamps’ most experimental album yet, and “Would You” is one of the songs that stand out the most in the band’s catalog. The single was produced by lead singer Brad Simpson and drummer Tristan Evans. Simpson told Apple Music that he started writing the song on a Rhodes piano, and he also stated that he “wanted to have the verse and the pre-chorus really wide ’80s atmospheric, and that’s where the Rhodes and the electric really do it. I got the production to a place and then Tris dropped his sauce on top of it.”

After producing several songs off their last three albums, The Vamps should be proud of how far they’ve come. Of course, they’re still open to new adventures, and Brad admitted that they “could do another album in a similar style to [‘Would You’]. I wanted it to sound like Ryan Gosling in Drive. Really, really proud of this one.”

In the video, directed by long-time collaborator Dean Sherwood, the band plays the song inside a house — in a similar fashion to their “Hair Too Long” music video —. We also see shots of Brad driving around and reminiscing on a road trip with his lover. Apparently, Brad’s partner was texting someone else, perpetuating his doubts about his partner’s honesty even more.

At the end of the video, Brad sits in front of a dying cherry blossom tree. The flowers falling from the tree represent the failure of his relationship. Overall, the cinematography and photography in “Would You” are outstanding. Also, the lighting helps to further convey the bitter feeling of the song. Definitely, The Vamps reached a new high with “Would You.”

The Vamps will be touring the UK in September for their Cherry Blossom Tour, and you can get tickets now. While you wait, you can watch the music video for “Would You” below:

Featured Image: Instagram (@thevamps)

Kenly Campos

Costa Rica