Doja Cat and SZA Are Otherworldly In Music Video For “Kiss Me More”

No one is doing more than Doja Cat these days. The LA queen is switching it up again and brining us to a whole new planet. After months of success from “Say So,” Doja Cat is taking us to Planet Her. This vintage sounding and highly anticipated album is sure to be a success. And finally got a taste of it. The single “Kiss Me More” sounds and feels like floating through space and features the ever-talented SZA. Yes we are getting two goddesses in one track!

“Kiss Me More” is a great choice as a leading single since it show’s Doja Cat’s depth. We still get a fire rap verse from her, but the track also shows her more melodic vocal talent. The track is sugary sweet and brings a calming vibe, while still keeping it playful. SZA only enhances the track with her beautiful vocal performance and of course a fire verse. The two singers harmonize perfectly, easily transcending expectations.

Lyrically, “Kiss Me More” is cute, a bit sassy, and relatable. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to kiss your man. Doja proving she can kiss just as good as any man and she’s going to have fun with it. SZA and Doja cat are okay with being corny when it comes to having a crush or being in love. It’s a lighthearted vibe and should put everyone in a good mood for summer.

Even better than the song, is the music video. We get the two ladies on Planet Her, which we later find out is also part of a video game. Doja Cat and SZA are rocking multiple pink, peach, and lavender outfits that would make any alien jealous. Then, we have our male star, Alex Landi from Grey’s Anatomy, playing the hot astronaut from Earth visiting Planet Her. We later find out that Landi is trapped in Doja Cat and SZA’s video game. Either way, they’re keeping him because he’s hella cute.

You’ll have to see for yourself that “Kiss Me More” is cute, fun, and overall bringing the good vibes. And of course, the music video features a pastel color palette playing into what Doja Cat is touting on her new album to be inspired by the divine feminine. Even better, we have an amazing Korean-Italian man playing the hot male lead instead of a stereotyped role.

With some of the rumors for other guests on Planet Her (Ariana Grande, French Montana), we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Feature Image: Instagram (@dojacat)

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