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Ashe Isn’t Fine And Neither Are We

It’s no secret that Ashe isn’t afraid to tackle big emotions in her music. From her breakout single “Moral Of The Story” to her recent collaboration with FINNEAS on Till Forever Falls Apart, the singer-songwriter writes with real emotion. Unsurprisingly, her latest single “I’m Fine” isn’t all light and fluffy either.

The track, released last week, addresses the well-meaning lies people tell to seem ‘fine.’ Specifically, it’s about the people, particularly the one person, in someone’s life that sees through the happy facade.

The chorus repeats a conversation along the lines of  “I try to say I’m fine (I’m fine) // You don’t (You don’t) // Believe (Believe me),” before resolving in “But thank God (You know) // I need you when I try to say I’m fine.”

Although the track is short (no really, it’s a little only 2 minutes long), it packs a punch. Ashe is well-versed in the art of tender songwriter, and her angelic, evocative voice is perfect for this song. As a songwriter, she experiments by drawing from her experiences from emotional abuse as well as universal experiences. All of this is wrapped up ina short and sweet pop melody.

“I’m Fine” is from Ashe’s upcoming full-length album Ashlyn, set to be released on May 7. Although the full tracklist for Ashlyn isn’t out, we know it will continue hits like “I’m Fine”, “Till Forever Falls Apart”, Niall Horan collaboration “Moral of the Story” and “Save Myself.”

In addition to her recent releases, the Californian artist is also an accomplished songwriter. She has writing credits on Demi Lovato’s “You Don’t Do It for Me Anymore” and Goldfish’s “No One Has To Know,” and has been a featured artist for Louis the Child’s “Right to It” and Quinn XCII’s “Right Where You Should Be.” Whatever project she tackles next, we can’t wait to support it

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