BRIDGE On Being a ‘Musical Mutt’, Working On His Craft and the Significance of His Artist Name

BRIDGE is not an artist that can be described easily — his music tastes and own work all over the spectrum from R&B and Hip Hop to Pop. No matter the genre, his songs are impactful – not just because of his haunting and memorable voice, but also because of his careful attention to the creative process.

His latest single ‘Make Me Miss You’ is a perfect example of all of these things. Being hypnotizing, as soon as it ends, all you want is to start it over again.

BRIDGE talked with Soundigest about his approach to his craft, his influences, and why he loves making all types of different music.

Why “BRIDGE” for your artist name?

I used to mess around and make all types of music when I was younger. My friends always called me ‘the bridge between genres.’ It started out as The BRIDGE, but I changed it up to be just BRIDGE. I never want to limit myself to one sound or genre. So I like to think of myself as the piece that fits between them all.

How did you get involved in music? What’s your story?

I’m just trying to stay true to why I fell in love with making music. I’ve always had a calling for it. Whether that was freestyling with friends, working on beats, or random ideas, I always tried to flesh out my creativity wherever I could. Over time it just gradually evolved. Everyone stopped making music and I kept going. I then spent a lot of time working on my sound and craft. Always trying to get better. Until it was something that I truly loved.

Tell me about the first memory or moment you can recall where you really fell in love with music. Was there a specific song or album?

My family comes from the Middle East, So my earliest memories of music are songs from that part of the world. Very culturally infused. Very intricate musical scales. That placed a heavy influence on the worldly sounds and feelings I crave when making my music. I loved all types of music growing up. From classic rock to rap, even acts like NSYNC made it on my rotation. I had heavy pop and rap influences growing up. With a core foundation in world music. I’m a musical mutt for sure.

Can you recall a specific moment from creating music that’s stuck with you?

Yes. Without mentioning names or people specifically, I remember early on in my career I had a chance to have a session with one of my longtime idols. It was a surreal experience. Arriving at that moment it’s hard to feel anything but gratitude. I’m in a very blessed position to provide for myself and the ones I care for while doing what I love. I don’t take any of those experiences or moments for granted.

How does this process play out when it comes to production — how involved are you in that? The production on “Make Me Miss You” immediately drew me in.

Thank you for the kind praise. It always starts with the inspiration or idea, right? I would say I’m very hands-on in the production process. I co-produce alongside my team for almost every song. From picking the sounds to arrangements, to how it’s played and mixed. It’s a detailed and intricate process that I’m absolutely in love with.

Featured Image: BRIDGE’s Website

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