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SHINee Submerges Us In Love With “Atlantis” and Repackaged Album

SHINee’s back! Again! Less than two months after releasing their highly anticipated seventh full-length album Don’t Call Me, the quartet is back with a new single and repackaged version. The new title track “Atlantis” has us feeling groovy and submerged in love, a stark contrast compared to the previously released dark and synthy “Don’t Call Me.”

The groups first premiered the track during their Beyond Live: Shinee World online concert just days before.

Taemin, Minho, Key, and Onew effortlessly sing and rap about the depths of their love, with plentiful Atlantis and nautical references. “My love goes deep, deep, deep // Your ocean got deeper // The emotion got stronger // My love goes deep, deep, deep // I entrust my entire self in the waves,” they sing on the chorus.

The accompanying music video is just as aquatic and colorful as you’d expect. They take us on a voyage complete with vibrant marine life scenery. However, the group remains front and center with multiple eccentric and regal outfits. Atlantis may be a lost city but SHINee is always there to lead the way as they’ve never lost their groove.

The repackaged Atlantis has a total of 12 songs with, three new, including “Area” and “Days and Years.” Both tracks are slightly laid-back than the previously b-sides. We’re still bumping “Kiss Kiss” and “I Really Want You.” Regardless, the vocals are always on point and are comforting additions to the already versatile album.

February’s Don’t Call Me was released after a two year hiatus due to Onew, Minho, and Key’s military enlistment. With the release of Atlantis, we’re glad the princes of K-pop are back and here to endlessly immerse us with bops. In fact, with many of the members are set to drop solo projects in the next few months, this is already SHINee’s year.

Featured Image: SM Entertainment

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