Bebe Rexha Shares Emotional New Single “Sabotage”

Bebe Rexha dropped her latest single “Sabotage” on April 16, and you’re definitely gonna need to grab some tissues before listening to it. The track is the third single off of her forthcoming sophomore album Better Mistakes, which is set to be released on May 7. The song is a heartbreaking & brutally honest pop-ballad that shares the all-too-relatable feeling of sabotaging everything good that comes your way.

Lyrically, the song shares Rexha’s tendency to push away people that come into her life. “Matches in my back pocket // I’m the queen of burning bridges // I will only let you down,” she sings in the pre-chorus, admitting that she tends to sabotage relationships when they seem to be going well. “Why do I sabotage everything I love? // It’s always beautiful until I f**k it up // Why do I sabotage everything I love? // The walls are closing in because I built them up,” she sings in the chorus, questioning her choices and self-sabotaging tendencies. The rest of the song continues in the same emotional vein, with confessional lyrics like “Why can’t I let myself be happy? // Why do I gotta get in my own way?” and “Don’t let me hope too high // ‘Cause I will find a way to tear it down every time.”

“Sabotage is one of the most vulnerable songs on my new album. It’s just as beautiful as it is painfully honest. I admit to getting in my own way when things are going well. I know I am not alone in experiencing self-sabotage during life’s most precious moments, and this ballad is an acknowledgment that sometimes we are our own worst enemy,” Rexha shares of the song. The accompanying music video shows Rexha in a seemingly beautiful house that slowly starts falling apart and closing in on her until she ultimately burns the house down. Check out the music video for “Sabotage” here:

Featured Image: Instagram (@beberexha)

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