Baby Queen "Dover Beach"

Baby Queen Shines in New Single “Dover Beach”

Rising star Baby Queen , otherwise known as Bella, has dropped another track from her saga of 2021 singles. The new track, “Dover Beach,” is a definite standout moment and arguably the best song of Baby Queen’s career thus far. The use of detailed storytelling, visceral lyrical imagery and an addictive beat make “Dover Beach” a real contender.

Baby Queen’s songwriting reaches new heights in “Dover Beach,” telling a cohesive story but taking many important detours that add to the world. Overall, the track is about associating a former lover with a specific place and not being able to visit without feeling the painful aftermath of that person. Although in Baby Queen’s case, an ex-lover has ruined the view of “Dover Beach,” the song achieves a comforting universality that transcends a specific place.

The highlight of “Dover Beach” is its ending, specifically the bridge and the outro. By the time listeners reach the bridge, we’ve heard Baby Queen’s romantic delusions of not being able to let go of a relationship that is haunting her. Having this lead up to a pause with such memorable lyrics makes them hit even harder. The unique lyrics in the bridge, “Sand between my toes, I’ve got vertigo, I’m afraid of heights / If I could I’d cry, we’ve got incompatible star signs,” not only summarize “Dover Beach’s” core feeling but represent Baby Queen’s message as a whole.

The outro of “Dove Beach” is a release of energy, where Baby Queen lets go of the hindering emotions she feels towards her ex. Not only does she not have them anymore, but they’ve also tainted places in her life that she can no longer enjoy. Within the outro, there are even more lyrics that are representative of Baby Queen’s overall artistry, especially “I talk to you in poetry / You stole the view of Dover Beach.” It’s a scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-worthy bridge that will have you pressing play immediately after it ends.

Following her recent signing to Island Records, “Dover Beach” is a triumphant moment for Baby Queen and a true stepping stone to stardom. In the music video that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the track, she looks more confident than ever, capturing the camera. Whether these singles are building up to a full project or something else in the works, we truly cannot wait to see where Baby Queen’s takes us next.

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