Dodie Has A Confession To Make

English singer-songwriter dodie is putting her heart on her sleeve, again. In her new song, “I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You),” she talks about the detachment and regret that can come from a misguided kiss.

The singer, real name Dorothy Miranda Clark, got her start posting ukulele and piano covers on YouTube. She now has almost 2 million subscribers and has collaborated with artists like Jacob Collier. She is known for her gentle vocals and her cool-girl vibes.

Imagine listening to this song after a night out partying. You walk back to your car or taxi while feeling the cold breeze in the air. As you sit in your car/taxi, you feel alone. That’s the kind of feeling that this song, “I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You)”, is meant for. Although the lyrics are straightforward, dodie never misses a beat about relating her experiences to her listeners.

The opening verse sets the tone. “I kissed someone, it wasn’t you / Leaning in like I’m supposed to do / I pulled away and I gasped for him / I didn’t feel a single thing / I kissed someone, it wasn’t me / Locked inside a slut this eve / All worked up for something dead / I think it’s time to go to bed.”

The lyrics sound like you’re longing for that spark after you kiss someone or a stranger. However, that spark isn’t there when it’s not the person who you love wholeheartedly. Hence, “Locked inside a slut this eve… I think it’s time to go to bed” translates as if you want to erase that moment of kissing someone (not the person you like/love) and move on from it. Towards the end of the song, the guilt carries on in the lyrics.

On a brighter note, the hit single “I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You)” is a nod to her upcoming album, Build a Problem, in May 2021.

Featured Image: YouTube

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