Welcome Back to Soundigest!

The past year has been an interesting one to say the least. To say you’ve lived through an ongoing pandemic that has affected MILLIONS is insane. Although many have struggled and things have been a rollercoaster, and continues to be such, the one thing that we always had at the end of the day was music.

We may have lost live shows for a while but slowly but surely, we’re getting them back. We were able to witness how the digital world can transform artists careers even more than before, with nonstop releases, livestreams and virtual meet & greets.

With all of this occurring, Soundigest felt the need to take some time off to breathe. With the world reopening again, we have decided to relaunch with a rebrand and hopefully, an even bigger purpose than before. Welcome back to the new Soundigest. If you’re new here, welcome and we’re happy to have you here.

Read, subscribe and follow. Wear masks, be safe and get vaccinated!

Xo, SD

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