Meet Me @ The Alter Prove Pop Punk Isn’t Dead with New EP ‘Model Citizen’

Maybe you don’t know who Meet Me @ The Alter is yet, but you should. This trio met online and now are ushering in a new era of pop punk. Edith, Téa, and Ada have been praised by legends in the scene like Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) and Dan Campbell (The Wonder Years). Now, the band has dropped their latest EP, Model Citizen. This is their first EP on label Fueled By Ramen, home to legends like Paramore and Twenty One Pilots. Model Citizen shows Meet Me @ The Alter are doing pop punk their way while still paying homage to other bands in the scene like Tonight Alive.

The EP starts with lead single “Feel A Thing,” which immediately brings the energy. A song about the world moving too fast around us hits close to home. The second track, “Mapped Out,” also addresses insecurities. Not having a map for our future makes it a bit scary. However, not knowing what the future holds room for possibility.

Pop punk trope tend to be wrapped in a lot of sadness and negativity. Nevertheless, Meet Me @ The Alter brings a spark of joy with tracks like “Brighter Days.” These badass ladies are injecting some positivity into our veins. Sure, in moments it seems like life is out to get you. But, holding onto hope for a brighter tomorrow is powerful.

We get a little relationship drama in “Now or Never”. Though, the band keeps it heavy instrumentally and not emotionally. Then, we have songs like “Never Gonna Change” and “Wake Up” acknowledging our own faults. Living in your own head is dangerous. So is knowing you need to change, yet realizing how hard that is. Meet Me @ The Alter is facing their internal struggles and maybe encouraging others to do so along the way.

Instrumentally, Téa and Ada are holding down the fort with some classic riffs as well as a few breakdowns. The album was sonically pleasing and sure to be fun at a live show. Once again, showing they fit the bill of classic pop punk sound. However they bring their own flair with more polished production and deeper lyrics.

Sure, the band is still growing and finding their sound. We’d love to see a bit more variety in their sounds. However, the “Feel A Thing” acoustic version featuring Dan Campbell showcases the trio’s range and talent, especially in Edith’s vocals. Either way, we love seeing women of color taking on a white male dominated industry head on. There’s no doubt that these ladies have a bright future ahead of them and they’ll be inspiring the younger generation.

Featured Image: Fueled By Ramen

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