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A Year in Review: Little Hag

Throughout the next few weeks, we will be sharing personal perspectives on the past year and a half throughout the COVID-19 pandemic from artists and those who work in the music industry.

Little Hag front woman and songwriter Avery Mandeville had a hell of a 2020 and 2021. Three moves, a label signing (to Hoboken’s Bar/None Records), a layoff, a college graduation (10 years in the making), an undiagnosed chronic illness, an ex girlfriend and a new boyfriend left her with enough songwriting material for a lifetime. The chaos was a breeding ground for Breakfast (an EP out 8/11) and their sophomore LP Leash, due out 9/24. Breakfast began as a joke title (that somehow made it past the censors) for an unholy trinity of songs, “Blood,” “Cum,” and “Piss.” The tracks respectively tackle a pregnancy scare, a nasty old man, and that aforementioned struggle through our disgraceful healthcare system with unrelenting chronic pain. Leash pulls some similarly unabashed tricks with Mandeville’s brazen, sarcastic style; wading through breakups, makeups, stalkers, rich kids, sins and prayers. Their philosophy is one of brutal honesty and authenticity: Little Hag does not give a single fuck what you think or do (but before you do anything, please get vaccinated to protect us all from COVID-19).


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Photos by Dana Yurcisin

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