Badflower Drags Superficial California Womanizers In New Upbeat Single “Fukboi”

“Fukboi” is the latest single from Badflower and the quartet is taking no prisoners. By now, we’re all tired of superficial influencers, and clearly so are Badflower. As a California-based band, they have likely seen the worst of “fukbois” and they’re here to call out these posers. With a heavy drum intro and shredding guitars on the chorus, “Fukboi” is a track that’s sure to get fans grooving. As the third single from Badflower’s upcoming sophomore album, this brings the outward energy to round out the previous two introspective singles.

Lyrically, “Fukboi” is fun and filled with references, metaphors, and double entendres. Josh Katz is creative and authentic with his words. Traditionally, the realness applies to Badflower’s more hard hitting songs like “Ghost” and “Family”. Yet, when it comes to their more racy or out-there songs, the lyrics are still artfully crafted. Humorous lines like “Are 20k fake fans really gonna reel ’em in?” or “Yeah, my buddy actually owns this place!” provide listeners with a vivid image and a good chuckle. Not only can we feel Badflower’s sass and anger, we likely identify because everyone’s known a “fukboi”.

Drummer Anthony Sonetti kicks off this track super strong, the heavier drums instantly drawing listeners in. The chorus provides solid guitars that are sure to make fans of the more upbeat Badflower songs swoon. With these elements of California rock, The Offspring and Danger Days era My Chemical Romance influences can be heard. “Fukboi” shows Badflower growing creatively, but still displays their witty and unique personality.

Basically, Badflower knocked another song out of the park. Josh, Joey, Alex, and Anthony continue to impress listeners with their musical abilities as well as their lyrical realness. Whether they poke fun at society or bare their souls to us, we’ll be listening. As for “Fukboi,” it’s a good lesson to stay away from superficial and creepy men (especially out in LA). Also, stay tuned for This Is How The World Ends, aka Badflower album 2 where “Fukboi” is track 2.

Featured Image: Instagram (@badflowermusic)

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