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WizTheMc Explores Infatuation With “Everything” Music Video

Born in South Africa, raised in Germany, and based out of Toronto, WizTheMc has seen more of the world than most. As a result, he’s used his music to explore relationships and how language affects interpersonal communication. This time, with the music video for his latest single “Everything”, Wiz tackles the concept of infatuation.

Directed and edited by Clyde Monroe and starring Noa Fisher (Uncut Gems, Betty), the “Everything” music video showcases the highs and lows of a whirlwind love affair. However, it isn’t a standalone project. The video serves as the first in a series of three visual chapters due from Wiz this year.

“The ‘Everything’ video is a visual representation of infatuation, the first of many stages of love that I will be exploring in my upcoming releases,” says WizTheMc. Along with “Break” and “Do It Over”, the three visuals will unite to tell a linear cinematic story about his experience with love and relationships. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see how the narrative plays out.

The acoustic guitar-driven “Everything” follows up the success of Wiz’s What About Now? EP, released at the end of last year on 10K Projects/Homemade Projects. The EP includes his breakout single “For A Minute,” which has surpassed 30M streams on Spotify to date. His upcoming music is bound to continue growing his audience given how personal the 22-year-old has become with his lyrics.

“It’s been my goal to be able to put down my emotions as accurately as possible onto paper. To the point that I feel moved by my own words because they feel so true to me,” Wiz says. “I feel like these songs are the closest to my real experience. These are the most vulnerable songs I’ve written to date.”

Featured Image: Universal Music Group

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