A Year in Review: James Mason of Paper Jackets

Throughout the next few weeks, we will be sharing personal perspectives on the past year and a half throughout the COVID-19 pandemic from artists and those who work in the music industry.

The past year and a half has been an interesting year as artists.  We had an album on deck that we scrapped and re worked… took that time to make things better and write new material.  The live aspect has been frustrating to say the least, the rules keep changing and it’s hard to plan.  I also think the pandemic has really tested relationships and also the commitment to this profession in general, a lot of bands have quit.  One thing that’s really exciting and hopeful is even though we see a lot of talent moving out of LA,  people are working and creating remotely more than ever and the collaborations aren’t suffering from any downgrade in quality.   You can really do anything from anywhere now as long as you have the tools, the skillset, and a good wifi connection… it’s inspiring really.

featured image: Cory Ingram 

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