ASTRO Feel ‘Alive’ With New Single For UNIVERSE

ASTRO has finally released their highly-anticipated single titled “Alive.” The group has been teasing the release for the past few weeks with photos and videos with an intergalactic theme.

The single is available on all major streaming platforms, but its accompanying music video is exclusively on UNIVERSE. UNIVERSE is a social media app created by NCSoft for K-pop idols and fans to connect. Through the app, which also features artists like MONSTA X and ATEEZ, fans are able to view exclusive content through the feature UNIVERSE ORIGINALS. They can also interact with idols through private messaging and calls.

“Alive” is an ethereal declaration of love backed by a powerful EDM-heavy track. The lyrics describe the fairy-tale-like spark that comes from falling in love and how finding love has truly made them feel alive. The track builds beautifully through the verses and chorus to emulate the anticipation and butterflies that come with those emotions. The members deliver their lines with such piercing clarity and earnestness that it pulls you into the world the group is creating.

The production is a concert-ready anthem, sure to bring the hype in any space it’s performed in. The last few seconds of the song feel like taking a deep breath. The dance beat stops, piano notes play, and echoed vocals ring out. It feels like a natural conclusion to the initial excitement of falling in love, the moments after where everything is in place and all is good.

The accompanying video takes the song to new heights quite literally. The members are shown as the crew of a spaceship, working together to explore the galaxy. It’s nothing short of a cinematic experience, with story scenes interspersed with dance breaks showcasing the members’ skills. One particular scene features the members dancing in front of a screen showing beautiful galaxy imagery and it brings the dreamy vibes of the song to life in a simple, but beautifully executed way.

You can check out the music video for “Alive” and connect with ASTRO on the UNIVERSE app!

Credit: Featured Image: YouTube (fantagio 판타지오)

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