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ROSIE Shares A Relatable Tale Of Loneliness With ‘Social Stamina’

Rising indie-pop singer and songwriter ROSIE is hitting us right in the feels with her latest single, “Social Stamina.” The heartbreaking ballad resonated with millions of fans when she posted a snippet of the track on TikTok. Needless to say, the full song is even more relatable than we could’ve imagined.

“Social Stamina” is ROSIE’s love letter to those who feel like they’ve lost their way. Lyrics like “I lost touch with all my friends // I’m in bed by ten PM // I have no social stamina” feel shockingly relatable in our mid-pandemic reality. However, the newcomer hopes that the track will provide some much-needed comfort to her listeners.

“The message behind ‘Social Stamina’ is: you may feel lost and alone but you never have to be alone in your lostness,” says ROSIE. “Let this song serve as a friend and support system as you navigate the highs and lows of life.”

“Social Stamina” was written, performed and produced by ROSIE herself in the span of a month. Her uncanny ability to turn negative experiences like loss, betrayal, and criticism into motivation is catching the eyes — and ears — of those who relate to her vulnerabilities. “The scale of emotions that everyone feels is such a spectrum,” she says. “The bad days are equally as important as the good days. Be strong when you’re feeling strong, be vulnerable when you’re feeling vulnerable.”

ROSIE is currently putting the finishing touches on her debut EP, which will be out this Fall on Arista Records. Having written 90 songs for the project, there’s no telling where her insatiable resolve and open heart will take her next. While “Social Stamina” is being released as a standalone single, it still incorporates many of the same themes and emotions that she explores throughout the EP.

You can listen to “Social Stamina” on all major streaming platforms.

Featured Image: Arista Records

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