The Band CAMINO Release Their Self Titled Debut Album

The Band CAMINO have finally released their first full length album self titled The Band CAMINO. The band who formed in 2015 have released several EPs in the past such as 2016’s My Thoughts on You, 2017’s Heaven, and 2019’s Try Hard. Their debut album is rightfully self titled as the record has themes of self reflection and is overall very honest. As music fans we often gravitate towards lyrics that resonate with us, and it’s likely you may relate to the lyrics within The Band CAMINO.

The album features the catchy previously released singles “Roses” and “1 Last Cigarette” as well as new songs we cant get out of our head like “I Think I Like You.” The distant sounds of cowbells mixed with the electro pop sound of the song will have you dancing..and maybe have you thinking of someone your crushing on too. And if your searching for a tearjerker you can easily find that within the song “Sorry Mom”. The band use the song “Sorry Mom” as an apology letter to their mothers with lyrics in the chorus stating “Sometimes I get drunk // Sometimes I say, “F*ck” // Sometimes I talk about things you don’t like in my songs // I’ve gone home with girls a lot / I don’t know if there’s a God // Sometimes I try to act like I don’t know right from wrong // I’m sorry Mom.”

Other notable songs to get you in your feelings are “Who Do You Think You Are” and “Help Me Get Over You.” The song “Who Do You Think You Are” centers around someone who has let their ego get the best of them with the band singing about how this person they once knew are becoming hard to recognize. In “Help Me Get Over You” they are begging for their ex to do anything to help the process of getting over them easier by saying “Tell me you slept with my best friend // Say you always hated my band // And you wish you’d never met me // Or you met somebody new.”

Without a doubt The Band CAMINO’S debut self titled album is emotional and honest and filled with songs that will bring you joy, a possible tear to your eye, and overall will make you feel less alone due to their relatable lyrics. The album The Band CAMINO is available to listen to on streaming services now.

Featured Image: The Band CAMINO

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