Cutler and Quinn XCII Make A Call To The ‘Angels’ In New Collab

The Music Gods have answered and Chelsea Cutler has returned! In the powerful refrain of her new single, she encourages us to “Take each day as it comes/ Let everything you want surround you.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Connecticut-native singer/songwriter Cutler released “Calling All Angels” last Friday in preparation for her sophomore album! The track is accompanied by her music bff and tourmate Quinn XCII and they prove (again!) why they work so effortlessly together!

“Calling All Angels” is light and bubbly, offered as a sweet ode to a phrase her mother used to say while raising Culter and her family. “It always made me think of protection,” Cutler noted; “The song is a well wish to other people.” The beat is subtle techno, almost a chime you would find in a video game, but toned down and with euphoric vibes.

Quinn XCII chimes in at the closer of the track, infusing a connection with Cutler and the listener. Their voices are one of the best collaborations, as it’s the perfect combination of raspy and fine. The single comes at an amazing time, very fitting for fall and transitioning. Culter’s lyrics capture a sense of calm and clarity, and Quinn contributes with his signature style and finesse.


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When asked about their frequent shared projects, Quinn couldn’t help but beam at their teamwork. “Chelsea and I have been collaborating on each other’s projects for years, and I’m always so honored to be a part of her journey. Every time we make a song together, it feels particularly special because it is always effortless and something we feel our fans will always love.” We love to hear it! Music-friends supporting music-friends — Cutler and Quinn XCII are currently touring the country on the Stay Next To Me Tour.

Chelsea Cutler will release her sophomore studio album When I Close My Eyes on October 15. The record follows her 2020 studio album How To Be Human, which featured her biggest hits yet including “Sad Tonight,” “I Was In Heaven” and “nj.”

We’re amped for the new album from Culter to arrive next month! Until then, check out and catch the vibes of “Calling All Angels” here!

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