Mike Taveira’s “Sex for Breakfast” is Icy Hot

Rising pop star Mike Taveira released a new single today featuring electro-pop princess Allie X, and it does not disappoint. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of electro-pop, you will love this groovy, punchy queer anthem. “Sex for Breakfast” will have you in your own state of ecstasy with its sensual and almost mischievous overtones. The song starts with a bang and keeps you captivated with its sultry charm and bouncy bass lines.

It’s no surprise that we are drawn in by the track’s sensuality; it seems the intensity between Mike and a real life love interest really left a mark. “Sex for Breakfast” is the second single from Mike’s debut EP, Cut Velvet which chronicles Mike’s journey toward self discovery while living in a new city. Naturally, much of this story revolves around love and lust. Cut Velvet EP is set to release in early 2022. Anyone down for a 12 AM play-through party? After this banger, you’d better be!

“Sex for Breakfast”‘s steamy tension is driven by an icy hot element; I guess steam is inevitable when fire and ice get too close to each other. Many contrasts play into this theme, from Allie and Mike’s vocals to the production itself. You can tell that the vision here was well-executed because that frigid flame is embedded into every layer of the track, keeping the pace fast and emotions high.

As for the Allie X, she killed it. Of course the electro-pop princess with prolific pipes made a deceptively chill entrance, only to completely pop off before the chorus. Always the flair for the dramatic with this one; her fans would expect nothing less at this point. When her voice pierces those high notes at the climax of the song, it feels like a scene from a movie to me, like Allie X is popping out of a limo’s sunroof as it takes her down Sunset Boulevard at 4 AM, the hot night wind rushing through her hair.

Needless to say, “Sex for Breakfast” is worth a listen (or several). If you can’t dance to the beat of this explosive queer-pop bop, I guess that’s a “you” problem! Sorry hunny, we can’t all be queens.

Featured Image: Jon Stars

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