Youngjae Colors Ars Album

Youngjae Is “Vibin” On Debut Mini Album COLORS From Ars

Youngjae has finally dropped his much-anticipated debut mini album COLORS From Ars! The 7-song album is the singer’s first release since ending his contract with JYP Entertainment.

Right off the bat, the album as a whole is steeped in some of the most popular trends in pop music right now. From the lofi touches on “Beautiful” and “Tasty,” the house beats on “Vibin’,” to the sentimental ballad “Eternal,” multiple facets of Youngjae’s musical influences are showcased.

The stand-out tracks on this record, “Moonlight” and “Roses” stand as excellent examples of Youngjae’s vocal skills. Both tracks feature string arrangements which provide a beautiful backdrop for the singer’s soaring vocals. Youngjae has a natural, airy quality to his voice, which on tracks like these, are transcendent and pull at the heartstrings.

Lyrically, the songs on the album are full of poetic prose, like Youngjae is reading out a love letter. He declares in the track “Eternal,” that “I’ll sing a song only for you,” and the earnestness in his delivery truly makes it feel personal to listeners. On the track “Roses,” Youngjae describes how the person he loves gives him wings and lights up his nights. The whole album is full of sentimentality and vulnerability.

The release isn’t just focused on dramatic ballads. Youngjae made sure to bring good vibes with the aptly titled “Vibin,'” an upbeat dance track that would be home on any summer playlist. He again makes good use of the airiness in his voice, adding even more lightness to an already fun track.

While Youngjae largely stays within the pop bubble on the album, it’s how he utilizes these influences that make this a solid solo debut. Adding touches of lofi, strings, and electronic beats truly enhances the tracks and keep you engaged. The power he exudes as a vocalist in each track shows confidence in who he is as an artist currently and where he wants to go.

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