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Halloween Arrived Early With New Ice Nine Kills Music Video for Their Song “Funeral Derangements”

It’s not spooky season without some Ice Nine Kills. The Massachusetts metalcore band is known for their love of horror. So, the heavy new track “Funeral Derangements” sees them inspired by cult classic spooky content. The song and music video take inspiration from Stephen King‘s Pet Sematary. Warning: there is a lot of death and gore involved. However, if you’re in the mood of Halloween music and music videos, Ice Nine Kills has you covered.

“Funeral Derangements” is part of Ice Nine Kill’s sixth album, The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood. This is a follow up to their 2018 album, where each track was based on a classic horror movie. Finally, on October 15th, we will get an album inspired by 12 different films. That includes some already released singles inspired by American Psycho and Child’s Play. Ice Nine Kills has a knack for making scream cinematic.

In the video for “Funeral Derangements,” we see lead singer Spencer go from trying to bring his dead son back to life to murdering his wife. It’s a wild ride that also includes some cameos including Josh Katz from the band Badflower and Bill Moseley from the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. With crazy production and makeup, the video is akin to a short film. Then, for fans the video ends with police inspecting the tape as part of a case to catch Spencer. So, the cut scenes connect all the videos from the album together.

For those feeling spooky this month (and for metal fans in general), “Funeral Derangements” is a must watch. Ice Nine Kills goes above and beyond when it comes to both storytelling and making music inspired by their favorite works of literature and film. Also, if you’re digging the video, catch the other ones in the series “Assault and Batteries” and “Rainy Day”. Happy almost Halloween and happy almost album release from Ice Nine Kills.

Featured Image: UMG (on behalf of Fearless Records)

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