Air Apparent All By Yourself

AIR APPARENT and Krysta Youngs Share Empowering “All By Yourself”

Indian-American musician AIR APPARENT wants you to know that it’s okay to be “All By Yourself” with his latest single featuring Krysta Youngs. With themes of self-growth and personal discovery, the track reminds us that being alone isn’t always a negative experience. Needless to say, this message resonates more than ever in the middle of a pandemic.

Like most of us, AIR APPARENT, neé Neil Sethi, had a difficult time getting through last year. “I put the beat for this song together during the winter of 2020,” he says. “I was craving summer at the time after what was seeming to be a pretty depressing winter season.” The single sets the perfect backdrop for summer’s end, or for a relationship on its last legs. However, it’s the empowering manner in which it explores these topics that’s truly praiseworthy.

Among other things, “All By Yourself” could be considered a cheerful break-up song. Instead of dwelling in heartbreak, there’s a push for inner happiness accompanied by a soothing, synth-led instrumental. “There’s an empowered feeling telling someone they’re no good for you and making it clear to them that they’ll have to find solace alone,” says Sethi. “Rather than sulking in sadness, ‘All By Yourself’ differs from the typical break-up song, showcasing the individual growth of ending a relationship.”

With a dreamlike vocal performance from Krysta Youngs, “All By Yourself” succeeds in exploring the untapped potential of self-reliance. AIR APPARENT’s early 2010s-inspired production allows us to enter his personal realm while also encouraging us to find our own. It’s a noteworthy addition for the rising star’s already impressive discography.

“All By Yourself” is the first release after Sethi’s sophomore EP, Color Dreams, in 2019. His momentous single “three strikes” with Davyn in 2020 garnered over 50,000 streams on Spotify. You can listen to “All By Yourself” on all major streaming services.

Featured Image: Unapparent Records

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