ENHYPEN Chase The Future and Answers on New Album DIMENSION : DILEMMA

“In order to get the treasure / We’ve either got to get through a brooding monster / Or a swirling tornado / Whatever we choose, we’ve got to run / What do you think?” With those lines, ENHYPEN opens their first studio album, DIMENSION : DILEMMA, giving us a hint as to the concepts they’ll be exploring on this release. The focus of the group’s new release and the DIMENSION series as a whole is to try to make sense of a world full of contradictions and while they’re at it, discover their true selves.

Lyrically, the songs are definitely poetically influenced. In the lead single “Tamed – Dashed,” lines like “Flash of desire enchanting me / Dreams beautiful / And grotesque / Keep changing shape,” display a level of maturity especially surprising given how young the members of ENHYPEN are. Perhaps these heavy metaphors reflect the group’s current state as they have skyrocketed in popularity at such young ages and are trying to navigate a much more intense and complicated world.

A big focus of this record is how the group is coming to terms with being stars. In the track “Attention, please!,” on one hand they sing, “stop be indifferent and everyone wants me now,” and on the other, they’re “Falling into a dilemma / I’m afraid of losing everything.” Feelings of confusion and desperation for a clear path ahead are the driving force of the release, and ENHYPEN do a great job of tapping into the feelings of millions of other youths around the world right now trying to make sense of their lives, especially in pandemic times.

While the lyrics reflect a more seasoned, singer-songwriter vibe, the tracks themselves are very on-trend and current. The lead single “Tamed-Dashed” is upbeat with nice touches of darker EDM effects. The track creates a sense of urgency, perfect to match the themes of the overall record. “Upper Side Dreamin'” is sweet and catchy, followed by the mellow pop ballad “Just A Little Bit.”

The next track “Go Big or Go Home,” massively contrasts the previous two tracks, being an EDM heavy jam that would be at home in any club. “Blockbuster [Like an action movie]” sees the group bring in label mate and TOMORROW X TOGETHER member Yeonjun. The group goes for a more rock-based sound, but ultimately, it falls a bit flat. However, on the next track “Attention, please!,” they try it again, with more pop-punk, and the result is much better.

Overall, DIMENSION : DILEMMA is a good start for ENHYPEN as they explore their influences more and develop more as performers. Hopefully, on future releases, the group taps back into the magic they achieve on standout tracks like “Tamed-Dashed,” “Go Big Or Go Home,” and “Attention, please!” The energy and passion they show on those tracks gives listeners a taste of what is possible for ENHYPEN’s bright future.


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