Anna Shoemaker's "It's Depression"

Anna Shoemaker Bottles Up Anxiety in New Single “It’s Depression (Ft. Middle Part)”


Anna Shoemaker has dropped her brand new single, “It’s Depression (ft. Middle Part),” through +1 Records. Being the second single released from her forthcoming debut album that is set to release in early 2022, she’s taking a different approach that travels beyond her usual bedroom pop sound. Anna Shoemaker’s “It’s Depression (ft. Middle Part)” is an anthemic, guitar-driven tune bottled up as anxiety navigating the world of love as a young adult.

Philadelphia-born, Shoemaker first gained momentum as an artist when her mashup of songs such as Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” and Chance the Rapper’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses” went viral. Since then, her career has steadily grown with her now having 2 EPs under her belt— 2018’s East Side and 2020’s Everything is Embarrassing — as well as a variety of singles exploring themes of turmoil, charm, and introspection about being young.

The newest release is a collaboration between Shoemaker and Brooklyn-based musician Middle Part. This isn’t their first project together as Middle Part has been in Anna’s live band for a while and is credited on several past songs of the pop-tinged artist.

Acting as the physical embodiment of existential dread and over-analyzation associated with being a twenty-something-year-old — especially in modern society, “It’s Depression” relies on alt-inspired production built from pop sensibilities that weave in bold electric guitars and vulnerable lyricism.

It’s hard not to get the single stuck in your head as its infectious, driving melody and compelling percussion feel like a staple in a future crowd setting. “Tell me that you want me back and I’ll stop overthinking everything I do and all I say to you / It’s not really what I had in mind! / All I want is someone to love and I don’t know why I always fuck everything that I do and all I say to you / It’s not really what I had in mind!

Just like rising indie-pop sensations before her, Anna Shoemaker is carving out a specific place in the scene for herself while deconstructing the box she’d previously found herself in with bedroom pop. Her eagerness to blend the best of her pop darling roots with fuzzy rock soundscapes opens her work up to a more diverse musical environment able to encompass much broodier lyricism, biting melodies, and thrilling guitars.

It’s hard not to listen to Anna Shoemaker’s “It’s Depression” without wanting to take a blustery drive down the highway, reflecting on life and love and relationships and everything in-between as we grow older. If anything, the dazzling pop singer makes the grey areas of life her sweet spot. Hopefully, we see this theme continue into her upcoming debut album.

Featured Image: Instagram (@annashoemaker_)

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